"Our people have been made alive in their minds to God’s Word. I know of no other ministry today that so clearly and consistently helps people grasp a survey of the Word of God."

Dr. Charles (Chuck) Swindoll, Ph.D., xPresident, Dallas Theological Seminary, Dallas, Texas



"My desire before the LORD is that you will experience life-change as the Holy Spirit uses Gary to teach you the Word of God. May you leave this seminar different than when you came."

Dr. Bruce Wilkinson, Founder of Walk Thru the Bible Ministries and Author of best-sellers Prayer of Jabez & Secrets of the Vine


"Gary Simons has been a great blessing to Walk Thru the Bible Ministries. His creative and passionate teaching style helps others to recognize that God’s Word truly is alive and relevant. My prayer is that you will have the joy of learning and growing together with him."

Phil Tuttle, Th.M., Vice President, Walk Thru the Bible Ministries International, Atlanta, GA


"Gary has demonstrated his dedication to the clear explanation of the Bible in an organized and engaging fashion through his attendance at Word of Life, educational trips to Israel, and advanced studies in educational theory and practices. He is well-suited to function as a Walk Thru the Bible Instructor."

Tom Davis, Ed.D., Academic Dean, Word of Life Bible Institute, New York, NY


"Gary is a special young man of God with a real passion for our Lord and the souls of people. He is superbly gifted and trained by God. Blessed is the home, church, country that has him. He is a super-model for young Christians to follow."

Wali Ahmad, Director of Bible Centered Ministries Caribbean and Cross-Cultural Ministries, Philadelphia, PA




Walk Thru The Bible Bermuda


Walk Thru the Bible is a non-denominational ministry promoting the spiritual growth of adults, teens, and children through interactive seminars, teacher and leadership training, and Christian counselling. Utilizing creative Biblical teaching techniques and devotional tools, Walk Thru seeks to see the Holy Spirit work in the hearts of people to bring about life change for the glory of God. It is a ministry to local churches, youth groups, conference sites, prisons, colleges, camps and families. Walk Thru the Bible Bermudais also the headquarters for Walk Thru The Bible Caribbean and English speaking Latin America.

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Walk Thru the Old Testament is without a doubt the world's most popular seminar event. And it's not hard to see why. Audience members are taken on an unforgettable adventure back to the beginning of time. From there, the instructor introduces participants to prominent Bible characters and weaves together their various stories onto one clear timeline. As participants learn about the major people, places, and events of the Old Testament, God's ultimate plan of preparing the world for the coming of Jesus Christ is revealed like never before.

And it is a lot of fun too! Forget tedious note taking. Attendees will learn the material using hand signs, catch phrases, group reviews, and enjoyable interaction with the instructor. Most attendees are usually so moved by the conclusion of Walk Thru the Old Testament, that over eighty percent of them will commit to read their Bibles and pray daily for at least thirty days.

Today, more and more people do not accept the Old Testament as anything more than interesting Bible stories. Today's secular theories dispute much of His truths. Walk Thru the Old Testament introduces people to how the Old Testament links together and ultimately leads to the cross - and rekindles a desire to seek God through daily Bible reading.

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While the goal of Walk Thru the Old Testament is to get people into the Word, the ambition of Walk Thru the New Testament is to get Christians into the world. Your heart will be moved as you put the events of the life of Jesus Christ in order. Your soul will be stirred as you walk with Paul on his missionary journeys and place in order the events of the early Church. Learning the success stories of Christians that have gone before you will give you courage to reach your lost world.

Alumni who have attended Walk Thru the Old Testament and those who are attempting their first "walk" will be impressed, entertained, and educated with the same wonderful techniques that made the Old Testament "walk" so memorable. Important concepts are taught by using hand signs, catch phrases and group reviews.

By the end of the day participants will have studied the significance of the 400 silent years dividing the Old and New Testaments, considered each gospel individually and together as the most significant biography ever written, and unlocked powerful and applicable lessons from the lives of beloved Bible characters. Most attendees are usually so moved by the conclusion of Walk Thru the New Testament, that over eighty percent of them will commit to read their Bibles and pray daily for at least thirty days.

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KIDS IN THE BOOK : Old or New Testament

Stories, games, puzzles, magic tricks, skits. It may sound like too much fun to be part of a Bible seminar, but in reality these are the very things that stimulate children's imaginations and creativity so that the Word of God can be planted deeply in their hearts.

It could be compared to learning a sport. Like learning the basics of basketball, learning the basics of the Bible as a child means that a special imprinting on that young mind will carry into adulthood and can never be discarded. Because of that, it is vitally important that children are given every opportunity to learn the basics of their beliefs.

Kids in the Book gives kids a general knowledge of every book in the Old/New using the same hand signs and catch phrases that the adults learn. It also gives children a structure for which they can plug in all of the Bible stories they have learned and see the common thread of God's divine will working to bring about His purpose for mankind.

Kids come away from their seminar with a Bible overview that will stay with them for years to come. Most of them will make a commitment to pray and read their Bibles every day.

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Does the Bible have anything to say about marriage today? Many people don't think so. Even some pastors will tell you that the Bible in regards to marriage is outdated. However, it is only when the Biblical principles concerning marriage are understood the way God intended them - not the way society has interpreted them - that husbands and wives can find true confidence and freedom in their roles and God-given joy in their union.

A Biblical Portrait of Marriage is an exciting adventure of evaluation, challenge, and lasting life change. No matter what level of maturity or happiness a marriage is on, the clear guidelines, vivid examples, sobering warnings, and wise counsel of this conference will enrich the relationships between husbands and wives on many levels. For single adults, it will create an undeniably clear, Biblical roadmap for choosing a godly marriage partner.

Issues such as dealing with in-laws, dividing household chores, managing finances, and building communication skills are all addressed using God's instructions. By the time A Biblical Portrait of Marriage is over, spouses will leave encouraged and confident in the special role God has created for them in their marriage, or their marriage to be.

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God uniquely created the husband and the wife for one another - to complement each other, to overcome the problem of individual aloneness, and to experience a vital, shared intimacy - teamwork at its best! To often, however, the very characteristics that drew couples together before marriage can become sources of conflict after the vows have been taken. That is where Understanding the Love of Your Life can help.

Instead of growing together over the years, couples find themselves drifting emotionally as they focus more on activities, children, and their own personal pursuits. Understanding the Love of Your Life offers a refreshing opportunity for husbands and wives to rediscover how God made them especially for each other. This seminar focuses on improving compatibility, deepening communication, and increasing versatility through humor and practical insights.

Using a fun and insightful personality discovery tool, couples will soon be on the road to greater understanding of each other, and ultimately a more joyful, fulfilling marriage. God gave husbands and wives strengths and weaknesses in different areas so that together they could be complete as a team. By understanding the love of their lives, couples will experience marital teamwork at its best!

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Some people seem to have a natural gift for helping others learn. Whatever they teach, their students love to learn it and lasting life change takes place inside them. While some people have this natural gift for teaching, anyone can learn how to impart knowledge in fun, effective, and memorable ways. It's called The 7 Laws of the Learner.

The 7 Laws of the Learner may be the most accepted and acclaimed teacher-training course available today. It is not just about having better teaching skills. Rather, this event is about the heart, soul, and mind of the teacher and the student.

The 7 Laws of the Learner will show teachers how to bring out the best in their students. It will give them practical principals for motivating students to personalize Biblical principals, instruct them how to simplify, rearrange, and package material so that it slips almost effortlessly into student's long term memories, and so much more.

An obvious difference exists between merely speaking information and communicating information. The Seven Laws of the Learner presents the principals that will allow teachers, leaders, parents - absolutely anyone - to communicate in such a way that lasting life change takes place in the minds and hearts of those they are speaking to.

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When asked by students what the number one thing they would change about their teachers would be, without fail they answered that their teachers needed to be less boring. Teachers don't want to bore their students, but it can happen so easily when their principals, personality, and methodology are not empowered by Teaching With Style.

Teaching With Style will identify and illustrate universal characteristics of style such as creativity, humor, and conviction from a Biblical perspective. Participants will learn among other things how to think on their feet, overcome fear, and listen to their students. They will also discover that their external style is ultimately determined by their internal convictions.

The goal of Teaching With Style is to help godly communicators communicate like God. After all, isn't he the one that used a rainbow, a burning bush, a flood, and countless parables and illustrations in the New Testament? God is never dull or boring - just the opposite! Is it too much of a stretch to say that Christians should pattern their communication after Him?

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God made all of us different-not to cause arguments or irritation, but to add variety in our relationships, to provide strengths for our weaknesses, and to build the Body of Christ. If approached wisely, relationships can be among the most rewarding experiences. Yet it seems to take a lifetime to gain the insight that makes communication satisfying. If you want your people to have that kind of discernment right now, then they are ready for Solving the People Puzzle.

Using a highly effective personality discovery tool, insights are gained to help attendees work, live, and interact in harmony. This event, however, is not simply a secular behavior science course. Solving the People Puzzle starts with the foundation of scriptural principals and in a few short hours brings skills that work for a lifetime.

Once attendees discover which personality type they are most like, the instructor will introduce them to a Bible character - Peter, Paul, Abraham, or Moses - that most represents their personality type. They will get to see how God worked in ancient days so they can trust Him to take care of them in a personal, relevant way today.

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What is your temptability quotient? Are you aware of your temptation patterns? Can the people in your church answer these questions? If not, then chances are that they may be fighting a losing battle to stay morally pure. Purity is neither mysterious nor only for the super spiritual. There are definite, predictable steps that lead to both sin and purity that anyone can choose to take. Break the chains and give your congregation the tools they need to have Personal Holiness in Times of Temptation.

Personal Holiness will transform attendees' concepts of holiness and give them the practical, down-to-earth, Biblically based help for living the life of moral victory they've been praying for. Participants will learn exactly where they are on their journey of holiness; they will discover that holiness is not some stuffy, boring concept, but the only key that fits the door to real happiness, peace, and confidence in their lives through Jesus Christ.

Attendees will learn to recognize when they are most susceptible to temptation and what their personal triggers tend to be. This seminar also speaks clearly about one of the areas that many find most tempting - their sexual purity. Personal Holiness in Times of Temptation emphasizes God's special call on each man and woman to be "set apart," or holy, because nothing in their walk with the Lord is more important - or more rewarding - than becoming a person of holiness.

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Do you sense that the time has come in your congregation for men and women to reach for the next level in some area of their lives, be it their marriage, family, personal growth, or walk with God? If so, then they need to encounter Experiencing Spiritual BreakThroughs.

Experiencing Spiritual BreakThroughs is a compelling presentation of the three stages of spiritual growth: Conflict, Compromise, and Commitment. Participants will learn which stage they are presently in and how it influences every decision they are making in their lives.

Participants will discover how to experience a breakthrough to the spiritual stage of Commitment. They should come prepared to experience profound renewals in their personal walk with God, marriage, and family.

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Leadership comes in many forms and at every level. Jobs may very, but there are times at church, work, or home, when we are all called to lead. Leading for Life Change combines three dynamic WTB seminars, 'Solving the People Puzzle', 'Understanding the Love of Your Life', and 'Building a Winning Team'. This exciting combination consists of an exciting sequence of lectures, case studies, films, workshops, and group discussions where you will new skills that can dramatically transform your life and effectiveness as a Christian leader. Once you have gone through the course, you will become associate Walk Thru the Bible instructor, able to teach "Solving the People Puzzle" and "Understanding the Love of Your Life" to small groups within your church.

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BreakThru Conferences are an exciting weeklong (can be longer or shorter) line-up of some of the best Christian communicators teaching some of the most enriching personal, professional, marital and spiritual growth seminars available today. In addition to a tantalizing buffet of Walk Thru The Bible seminars, BreakThru Conferences include special keynote speakers. In the past, WTB has engaged such notables as Dr. Bruce Wilkinson, Dr. David Jeremiah, Dr. Bob Reccord, Dr. Jerry Vines, Dr. Howard Hendricks, Becky Tirabassi, and Anne Graham Lotz. BreakThru Conferences are an excellent way to inspire your church to "breakthru" the barriers that have held them back from experiencing the next level of commitment in their personal, professional, marital, and spiritual lives. the Bible.

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Now there is a powerful live parenting seminar that any church can afford. Effective Parenting in a Defective World will equip parents to help their children face the challenges of life in the 21st century.

Session One: How to Raise Positive Kids in a Negative World

  • Developing a clear-cut objective for your child
  • Building relationships that bond
  • Committing to the ongoing maintenance of parenting
  • Learning the most powerful teaching tool available

Session Two: How to Develop Your Child's Full Potential

Parents learn a child's two primary needs and how to meet them.  Learn the primary responsibility of children and how to train them to meet it.  Discover how spiritual formation and mental development work together.

Session Three: How to Discipline Your Child Effectively

Parents will learn how a current secular university case study validates what the Bible has always taught about training and discipline.  Learn practical and Scriptural tips for producing balanced discipline in your child's life.

Session Four: How to Prepare Your Kids to Win Life's Biggest Battles

Parents learn five major life messages they should communicate to their children; They provide your child with the ammunition to face life's biggest challenges - and come out victorious!

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Are you ready to reach for the extraordinary? To ask God for the abundant blessings He longs to give you?  Join Pastor Gary Simons, approved Instructor, trained by Dr. Bruce Wilkinson to discover how the remarkable prayer of a little-known Bible hero can release God's favor, power, and protection. Within twelve months of its initial release, this little book sold almost 4 million copies. When you read it, you'll see how one daily prayer can help you leave the past behind and break through to the life you were meant to live!  This seminar will encourage you to realize how much God wants to bless us so that we bring greater glory to Him!

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Walk thru the Bible Ministries explores compelling images from Bible passage of John 15 that asking for God's blessings may result in suffering and difficult circumstances. Through Jesus' symbolic portrayal of himself as the vine, the Father as vinedresser, and his followers as the branches, Christians can better understand God's methods for ensuring personal fulfillment, and find a closer walk with him.

Grapes need pruning--and so do Christians. God's "pruning" is painful, but that this pruning away of "self" is necessary to gain desirable results. He notes, "Pruning will intensify as God's shears cut closer to the core of who you are." Christians are not to confuse "pruning" with "discipline," and offers a helpful chart to distinguish between the two. Your Instructor will discuss four levels of fruit bearing, from "no fruit" to "much fruit," and the connection between God's pruning and an abundant harvest.

"If you don't know and apply Jesus's vineyard teachings, you'll never experience the abundant life you long for. There is simply no other way." Christians aspiring to maturity in their spiritual lives will likely sit up and take notice.

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Walk Thru the Bible Bermuda would like to introduce our new Teach for Life Change (TLC) Certification Program to local churches in Bermuda.

Although this Teacher's Training Program is available to lay people, it is especially designed for those who communicate God's Word on any level, including Sunday School Teachers, Youth Leaders, Pastors, etc. We are excited to see what God is going to do in Bermuda as we take the teaching of the Word of God seriously and allow God to train us all to be the most effective teachers in our local churches.

The TLC Certification is a non-intensive 4-year program that involves 4 core Teacher Training Seminars and 3 seminar electives.

"Our people have been made alive in their minds to God's Word. I know of no other ministry today that so clearly and consistently helps people to grasp a survey of the Word of God."
- Dr. Chuck Swindoll, Ph.D., President, Dallas Theological Seminar, Pastor & Author OUR MISSION "Discipleship Ministries is a non-denominational ministry to local churches promoting the spiritual growth of adults, teens and children through interactive seminars, teacher, & leadership training." Matthew 28:19 & 20 Discipleship Ministries is also headquarters of Walk Thru the Bible Ministries Bermuda.



The first step in this process is to register for the TLC Program. This program can be completed in a minimum of 2 years (see Two-Year Curriculum Rotation Chart on Page 9) or expanded over a longer period of time. This is accomplished by completing the 4-core Walk Thru Teacher Training Seminars…

  1. Walk Thru the Old Testament
  2. Walk Thru the New Testament
  3. The 7 Laws of the Learner
  4. Teaching With Style



  • Experiencing Spiritual Break Throughs
  • The Prayer of Jabez
  • Solving the People Puzzle
  • A Biblical Portrait of Marriage
  • Understanding the Love of Your Life
  • Attend any Walk Thru the Bible Break Through Conference

…along with the corresponding follow-up courses and 3 electives from any of the remaining seminars. Note: Attending a full Saturday BreakThru conference is an equivalent for an elective.


Each of the 4 live Core Teacher's Training Seminars is followed-up by a 6 - 8 week training course with approved Walk Thru the Bible Instructors. Classes are usually held on Thursday evenings. This ensures that Teachers-In-Training obtain a working knowledge of the material taught in the live seminar to bring the classroom of their local church, youth group, etc.


Walk Thru Bermuda Seminars and courses are approved under the Association of Christian Schools International. In this case, teachers-in-training will be awarded an official ACSI certificate for two Christian education units at the conclusion of the follow-up course. These seminars will also give a working overview for further formal study at any Bible College or University.


Walk Thru the Bible Bermuda will track the progress of your Sunday School Teachers, Youth Leaders, etc. of your local church through our Discipleship Ministries full-time office. As Sunday School Superintendent you can obtain a detailed progress report of each of your Sunday School Teachers, Youth workers, etc.


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